California has set a target of reaching 100% carbon neutrality by 2045. Golden State Rebates is proud to support this effort with instant rebates for high-efficiency products that reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, and bring us closer to a carbon-free, clean energy future.

Supported by SDG&E, PG&E, SoCalGas and SCE, our program incorporates statewide strategies to combat the effects of climate change.

Adopting efficient water heating technologies

Electric heat pump water heaters are a key focus of our instant rebate offerings. These highly efficient water heaters are up to three times more efficient than conventional models, and can help homes across the state greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

Encouraging electric systems and appliances

Many homes in the state still use methane gas or propane for space heating, water heating and cooking, which contributes to climate change and air pollution. Switching to efficient electric solutions reduces our dependency on fossil fuels and takes advantage of solar and wind power in our electric system.

We offer instant rebates for products that support this goal. Learn more about going electric, and find additional incentive opportunities from The Switch Is On.

Supporting utility demand response programs

Utilities across California offer optional demand response programs that provide financial incentives to customers who reduce or shift their energy use during times of high demand. These programs can save you money while helping to avoid power outages, reduce harmful emissions and support a reliable grid for Californians.

Demand response programs for residential customers are often tied to smart thermostats. We offer instant rebates for qualified smart thermostats that enable you to make a positive difference for your home and California through demand response.