Today’s efficient water heaters are helping Californians save energy and live better. Golden State Rebates meets the growing demand and makes high-efficiency solutions more accessible with rebates and support for participating distributors.

How it works

Boost sales of efficient equipment when you stock and sell eligible water heaters with an instant rebate: up to $500 for qualifying heat pump water heaters and up to $75 for qualifying gas tank water heaters.

By passing these rebates through to your installers, you can lower the cost of the equipment so they can promote and install high-efficiency solutions.

As a participating distributor, you’ll also receive a stipend for each unit sold to help with the cost of administration. Plus, you’ll gain access to the Golden State Rebates online portal, which offers an intuitive interface for product and customer validation, as well as checking in on pending invoice submissions.

Get started

Golden State Rebates operates statewide and is here to support your business for years to come. To sign up as a participating distributor or for a list of our qualified products, email [email protected].